My name is Clive Paul, I am a singer from Norwich using quality backing tracks produced by many a talented musician. My repertoire is mainly 50s & 60s and Rock & Roll with a bit of Country mixed in, hopefully trying to reproduce the sound of such acts as Buddy Holly, Billy Fury, Elvis Presley etc:

The best I think so far was being a support act to the great bands of the 60s like The Searchers, The Swinging Blue Jeans, and even the Irish showband The Indians, at our local Arkwrights Club in Norwich

Also sometimes sing with a couple of other good mates of mine  called 
Steve Alan  or Kevin Solo

​My idol from the 60s was Ricky Nelson, and whilst singing a few years ago at a hotel in Gt. Yarmouth, little did I know that all the guests were there on a Ricky Nelson appreciation club and what a great night we had.

About 5 years ago after previously being with a band called

Wypeout,  my lead guitarist,  bass guitarist and myself decided to form our own band called Class Act we mainly do 50s/60s/70s +

Rock & Roll & some Country

I also have a solo career doing 50s/60s/70s/80s


For Bookings Contact


Clive Paul on 07842015098